About Us

  • Based in Yorkshire and established in 2004 the team  has grown to 40 employees in 2016
  • We believe in listening to our customers issues and reqirements and delivering real efficiencies through our intuitive software packages. 
  • Our three directors Steve Cowley, Chris Green and Jim Hartley work in an open office and have a very hands on approach to their business with close contact with both school users and the Orovia support and development teams. 
  • Our support helpdesk team are experienced in the budgeting process within academies and schools. Our customers also get to know our support team personally as they all get involved in delivering onsite training sessions. 
  • Software development is an engaging process requiring a high degree of communication much of which best takes place on a face to face basis.
  • We recruit only the best people available; all of our developers are highly skilled and all have the necessary degree in Computer Sciences, each with various specialisms and have now grown to a development team of 25 at the beginning of 2016

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