Education Budget Planning

Orovia Group Ltd already provides Budget Planning Software (BPS) to more than 3500 schools and academies.

The system is supplied:

  • to schools through Local Authorities
  • to hard and soft federations of academies
  • to stand alone academies
  • directly to schools, both free and maintained

The Orovia support team are there to help, support and inform any user of the software, they will go the extra mile to ensure something is achieved to its greatest possible solution for the customer and there are only a small percentage of queries that aren't dealt with upon point of contact. 

 Orovia Group Ltd specialises in the design and development of budget monitoring and financial planning solutions; known as BPS in the education marketplace.

Orovia developers are also experienced in integrating Orovia software solutions with 3rd party applications: PS Financials, Civica Resource, Sage & Capita FMS to name a few.

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