Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is BPS for Local Authorities?

BPS is hosted on dedicated servers in a co-located National Data Centre. Access to the servers is via an encrypted internet connection (https:) using individual username and secure password credentials generated by the system. A third level of security can be applied using 4 digit pin numbers if required.

How do we make sure all our schools receive consistent data? What happens if we make a change to something like National Insurance rates?

A Local Authority system uses a single database for all its schools. This means that all of the schools use the data inputted by the Local Authority, using their standard chart of accounts and CFR structure and ensures complete consistency across all the schools in the system.

Certain parameters such as TLR rates and Cost Centres can be added, or changed independently within individual schools.

Changes made to central data by the Local Authority are instantly picked up by their schools. However, these changes will not impact budgets already signed off by governors.

Our local authority provides an enhanced SLA to our schools where the authority's school Finance Managers are very hands on and do the budgets on the behalf of their schools. How does BPS handle this?

We have a number of authorities that have a very hands on approach with their schools, especially small primary schools. Using the concept of ‘Users’, Roles and ‘Access Rights’, the authority can define the level and type of access a school requires. For instance a small primary school may only require ‘read only’ access to view their budget for sign off by the school governors.

Our Funding Formula is different to other local authorities. How does BPS handle this?

BPS has been designed to be configurable and therefore very little in the software program is ‘hard coded’. This provides the Local Authority with a high level of flexibility to quickly adapt their software to accommodate changes in funding.

Can we easily change the layout and formula in our Section 251 statement?

The layout can be changed instantly, either by the Local Authority finance team or the BPS support desk. Once a change has been made, this is instantly picked up by the schools when they create a new funding statement scenario.

Our school Business Managers are busy. How can we make the initial setup of BPS easy for them?

Depending on what finance system a Local Authority uses determines how much of the schools budget can be setup at implementation.

Normally we can ensure that the entire schools payroll is imported at setup along with the funding statement for each school.

This is a huge time saver for schools as the majority of their budgets will already be in the system for them at setup.

What happens when we move into a new financial year?

BPS is a clever planner!

When the new funding becomes available in January, the Local Authority can setup the next year funding statement and make this available to their schools alongside all their next year employee data and expenditure. The system then ‘rolls forward.’

Can the Local Authority finance team be assigned certain schools for ease of access and support purposes?

Yes. Users and access rights are ‘smart’ and therefore recognise which user is accessing the system and can therefore determine what information the user is able to access. If required, certain schools can be allocated to certain support officers.

How much does BPS cost?

BPS for authorities is priced on a per school licence and support basis, the cost of which is determined by the number of schools in the authority buying into the system.

For more information on pricing or on how we can demonstrate BPS, please call us on 01138 800995 or email

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