• Anywhere access over a secure web browser

Multiple users can access BPS at the same time and work collaboratively from any location.

Senior leadership can easily determine the level of access an individual can have and even provide 'read only' limited access to key reports to governors.

  • Employee Module is highly accurate including customisable pay scales

The employee module allows a school to calculate its staff costs to the day including staff with more than one job role within the school.

Output reports include a payroll reconciliation report which takes an import from the academy's payroll system on a monthly basis.

  • Constant in-year updates conforming to national requirements

Regular changes to the education finance environment are incorporated into the software.

These include NI and superannuation rates as well as TLR and pay scale increases.

These updates are done remotely by the education support desk.

  • Link to the school's accountancy package

Link modules are available to allow the seamless transfer of information between BPS and Capita SIMS.

The electronic movement of data saves time for the finance team and ensures BPS is linked in real time to the school's finance software.

A link with SIMS Personnel P7 is also available which imports the staffing information held in P7 directly into BPS, a big time saver.

  • Budget Monitoring Module

BPS will take the actual ‘spend to date’ from SIMS and  using the profiled prediction of spend in months remaining; will determine the schools predicted outturn.

  • Statemented Children Calculator

Records the details of pupils with statements, accurately calculating the funding that should be received by the school for these children.

  • Early Years Calculator

Allows a school to populate their budgeted nursery provision to get an estimate of their early years funding and in addition allows the school to input their actual nursery provision thereby calculating any additional funding or ‘clawback’ due.

  • MFG Calculator

Allows a school to adjust future year’s pupil numbers and other funding values while staying within the rules of MFG and funding capping.

  • Quick Calculator

A useful tool that will allow the school management team to calculate the cost of a project including the cost of teaching and non-teaching staff over a chosen timeline.

  • Online Help

This is available in the system as both a document and easy to follow video instruction. Assistance is also available through the support desk.

  • Document Store

For ease of access documents and minutes of meetings can be securely stored online alongside the budget.

  • Reversing Errors

Occasionally, a mistake is made by the finance team!  Don’t worry, a call to the support desk and they can instantly restore your system  to any six hour period over the previous 3 days.

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