Does BPS integrate with PS Financials?

BPS has been developed to integrate fully with PS Financials.

Both PS Financials and BPS use a single database to manage multi academy trusts, and link in ‘real time’.

Further development is being undertaken to provide the finance team with the ability to see how the trust is tracking on its financial position against the budget in BPS.

Can I accurately consolidate my academies budgets across the Trust?

Yes, as BPS for multi academy trusts uses a single database, consolidation is accurate and instant; and the consolidated information can be viewed using various reports.

Can I input data once to be shared across all my academies?

Yes, a change to the central data is immediately applied to all the academies in the trust.

The academies in my Trust are located in different Local Authorities with different support staff contracts. Can BPS handle this?

Yes, this is an intuitive feature in BPS, allowing the finance team within the trust to set up multiple contracts for support staff across multiple Local Authorities. Allowing theproduction of very accurate staffing scenarios.

My academies have all had their pension fund assessed by their actuaries separately and their rates differ. Is this an issue?

Trusts can apply different superannuation rates for different academies in the trust to produce accurate budgets.

We use our own Trust employment contracts as well as historical Local Authority contracts. Can BPS handle this accurately?

Employment contracts can be setup at any time and can be applied to both existing and new employees.

We have moved to Sage200 for our finance system. Can we automatically transfer our budgets from BPS to Sage?

Orovia are accredited Sage developers and have designed BPS to be compatible and fully integrate ‘real time’ with both Sage50 and Sage200.

Who uses our software

  • The Village
  • Propeller
  • olympus
  • GLF Schools
  • The Education Fellowship Trust
  • Crofton
  • CIT
  • Community Academies Trust
  • CMAT
  • Co-Op Trust
  • Isca
  • The Active Learning Trust
  • Uni Chichester Academy Trust
  • Learning Schools Trust
  • Collaborative Academies Trust
  • The Emmanuel Schools Foundation
  • ODST
  • KCSP
  • Steel City
  • Hatfield and Hartley
  • David Ross
  • Faringdon
  • CFBT

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