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CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. They provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. They are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

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After poor numbers of returns from paper based surveys and only positive comments from ‘free text’ boxes the aim was to develop a system to help better gauge children, young people and families' perception of the quality of accommodation within the CLIC sargent Home from Homes (HfHs).

The intended audience were children, teenagers and young adults, including siblings, parents and partners staying in the HfHs.

The survey was undertaken on a rotation through eight Homes for six weeks as a pilot with the aims of having increased respondents and an increased ability to analyse responses by home/age/length of stay/gender and other demographics.

The main challenges were learning to use the system which took time and staff just began to become familiar with the system when it was moved elsewhere as part of the initial pilot. Mindset changes were also needed to actively seek feedback and with staff remembering to ask service users to contribute.

As this was a pilot any significant services changes will need time to be realised, however interesting feedback from children and young people has already been seen and potential staff improvements are helping to develop a culture of quality assurance and highlighting the importance of feedback from different ages, and triangulation – interesting for staff to see their own perceptions compared to views of children young people and parents. The pilot resulted in a successful business case to roll out the NPT system.

Overall the NPT system is an improvement on the traditional paper based surveys with more responses, more detailed feedback, more opportunity to analyse by respondent biographical data.

As a result of the successful pilot the approved business case has been implemented with NPT now in eight homes, each with a computer, 77 rooms for families in total with the initial aim of a 25% response rate from the total number of families staying within the Home from Homes.


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