With an ever increasing need for valuable, accurate, timely feedback from all users and providers of health services, real-time feedback can give your organisation the edge with the tools to respond to the needs of your patients and staff. 

NPT is a unique, hand held survey tool which employs many innovative features to engage more patients helping to capture the opinions of virtually all patient groups, especially those traditionally considered difficult to engage. In addition to the core groups of patients, NPT can help you to easily engage with children and young people, non-English speakers, visually impaired patients, patients with low levels of literacy, learning difficulties and certain challenging motor skills. 

For most of these groups, who are often the biggest users of NHS services, the filling in of traditional paper forms is a barrier which they find impossible to overcome and existing electronic feedback systems have simply never been designed with such patient groups in mind.

NPT has been developed in consultation with many health professionals who have contributed clinical, compliance and administrative information and feedback to help Orovia Group develop NPT to deliver exactly what is needed to effectively measure patient feedback and manage important factors such as Friends and Family, PREM’s and PROM’s, Doctor Revalidation, in fact virtually anything that you need to understand about your patients' views.

Here are some of our users...

  • Sandwell and West Birmingham
  • North Bristol Trust
  • Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Great Western Hospital
  • Birghton
  • Whittington Health
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospitals
  • Nottingham University
  • Alder Hey
  • Bristol Childrens
  • Heart of England
  • Bolton
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Moorfields
  • CLIC Sargent

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