Orovia’s HMRC approved payroll software for schools, academies and MATs ensures that people are paid accurately and on time. Every time.

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About EduPay

Payroll made simple

EduPay is the only payroll service specifically designed for education. Payroll for schools, academies & MATs can be tricky, but EduPay knows this and understands how to generate things like teachers' pensions, pay increments and TLRs.

Use EduPay as a bureau, or take it in-house; it’s up to you. Can’t decide? It’s easy to take EduPay as a bureau and then (once you’re comfortable) transition in stages to using EduPay in-house.

Together EduPay and BPS eliminate dual entry. Automate employee module updates into your payroll and keep track of all your budgeting and payroll elements in the click of a button. Never manually reconcile your payroll again.

EduPay Features


Keying in data twice is no fun. EduPay can be integrated with your BPS budget planner and post directly into your accounts- no need for dual entry.

Live, real-time system

No waiting around for the system to update. Information at your fingertips, as soon as you need it.

Overview dashboard

It’s a good view from here! All the important stuff in one place, so it’s easy for you to see which tasks are outstanding.

Employee portal and app

Employees can complete time sheets, view payslips and P60s and other documents and update their personal details through their phone or their computer. No paper, no fuss, no problem.

Flexible reporting

The reports you need, in the format you want. Fast, flexible & accurate reporting… Anytime.

Maternity manager

No more puzzling over maternity calculations. Get it right the first time with our spot-on calculator.

Pension management

Important doesn’t mean complicated: Accurate pension contributions in the click of a button.

A Message from our clients

I look at this as a partnership. I genuinely feel that if I phone up with a problem, there’s someone on the end of the phone who wants to make that issue go away for me. I feel that the team take my problem personally and seriously and I know they’ll sort it. That’s always a great thing.

John Banbrook, Farringdon Academy Trust

The Flying High Trust have worked closely with Orovia since becoming an academy Trust. The Orovia team have always been quick to support & have a real willingness to help. This support is instant, with someone always happy to take your call & resolve your question whilst you are on the telephone. They constantly go out of their way to make you feel supported & help with any question, no matter how small, & all of the team are really friendly. The support from Orovia has been fantastic, we couldn’t ask for more!

Elaine Armstrong, Trust Finance and Business Manager

I have found Orovia a very useful tool in budget setting and forecasting, I support many schools and Academies through a multi Academy trust and each have complex scenarios and different budgets. With many changes in funding planned in the near future, I’m happy that Schools BPS provides updates and changes to cover all national changes to policy and allows long term scenario planning that can be amended at the touch of a button. The system is tailored to your individual needs and if you want additional specific changes the support team are excellent and very prompt. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as they provide a trust and accuracy that allows me to concentrate on the budget planning without worrying about the logistics and the systems that underpin it.”

Andy Cain, Cidari MAT

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